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Rashell Beya

Rashell Beya


Mother, minister, musician and maker of meals which I enjoy sharing with others.

Trisha Thomas

Trisha Thomas

Church Secretary

Beaver scout leader, catering, gardening enthusiast, dabbler in many aspects of church life.
Joy Bates

Joy Bates


Mother, Grandmother (and loving it). Volunteer Chaplain in a Medical Centre. Enjoys baking (and eating the results), gardening, drawing and wildlife (that’s observing it not living it!).


Ann Barclay

Ann Barclay


Baker, Brigade leader, BMS Champion – to give a flavour of the variety of interests and responsibilities
Jane Webb

Jane Webb

Deacon and Pastoral Care Coordinator

Retired minister, still looking to serve God among His people. Loves walking and gardening.

Tina Ewoma

Tina Ewoma


Loves to serve God among His people. Enjoys walking and gardening.

Carl Whitbread

Carl Whitbread



Encounter God

In gathered worship and daily living

Be expectant

God is at work and invites us to join in

Be hospitable

Through generosity, encouragement and mutual support

Serve together

Through the giving and sharing of ourselves and our resources

Demonstrate compassion

as we work for kingdom values, especially justice, locally and globally

Be witness

To Christ as the hope of the world through who we are and what we say


Thank you for visiting, we hope that you have had a flavour of who we are. Hospitality is a priority for us but that’s a bit difficult to demonstrate on line so if there is anything that you felt was lacking please let us know!

By way of introduction, for the last few years, much energy has gone into the renewal and transformation of our buildings to make them fit for purpose in the 21st century. But this work stands as a constant reminder that even more importantly, our lives too have to be ‘fit for purpose’ as the people of God.

To this end, Jesus words in John 15:5, ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you abide in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit.’ has been a helpful focus for us.

Our life together therefore is rooted in worship and prayer as we gather to encounter God through His Word, and the Holy Spirit. We flourish as we grow in relationship and encourage one another. We bear fruit as we share the love of Christ that we have personally received with others in word and action.

There is a lot going on for a small congregation because many people contribute in different ways according to the gifts that they have but there is always room for more. Whether you are ‘just looking’, have questions about the Christian faith or considering joining us, we hope what you have read and seen is helpful to you.

May you know the peace of Christ in your heart.

Grace and peace, Rev’d Rashell Beya


Our church began in 1791 when nine people were baptised in the river Derwent and formed themselves into a Baptist church. In 1802 the first church building was opened on Brook Street (now the Masa Restaurant). Forty years later a large town house on St Mary’s Gate was converted into a new church building, seating 1,200. At this time the church was growing rapidly, led by its energetic minister, J G Pike. Several new churches were formed in the area as a result of his preaching.
In 1939 the St Mary’s Gate building was sold, and soon afterwards demolished. A new building was erected on Broadway, then in a growing residential area at the edge of the town.
As with most churches, Broadway Baptist experienced a decline of membership during the twentieth century, but is still an active church with several organisations for young and older people and a dynamic witness in the area. It belongs to the East Midlands Baptist Association and Allestree Churches Together.
We believe in the baptism of believers and the importance of church membership for those who make Broadway their spiritual home.


Baptists are part of the whole Christian Church and share its basic beliefs. They are made up of several different groups in most countries of the world, united by a conviction that baptism is only for people who have a Christian faith. For this reason they do not baptise (christen) babies. Baptist churches are self-governing and vary in the way they do things, working together through Associations and Unions. Most Baptist churches in England, like Broadway Baptist Church, belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
At the time of the Reformation in the 1500’s, many Christians began to think differently about their faith and the Baptists were one of the movements that emerged at that time. They were regarded as radical and sometimes dangerous, especially because of their commitment to religious freedom. The various Baptist groups in existence throughout the world today date their origin to congregations in London that started practising believer’s baptism in the early 1600’s. There are over 40 million members of Baptist churches in the world today, including about 150,000 in Britain.

Our Services

We meet every Sunday at 10.30 am and have a traditional style monthly service at 3.00 pm, usually the second Sunday of the month but please check our events page.

You can find our services on YouTube



Broadway Baptist Church
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Broadway Baptist Church is a registered charity, No: 1176794



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