06 Jan 2019


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Energise (Term 3)

A relaxed evening service to prepare for the week ahead

Taking the theme of the evening – this term we are making our way through some of the Psalms… thinking of how we apply them to the journey of life. We start with a contemporary acoustic style of worship then people choose how they want to engage with the theme e.g. ┬ámeditation, discussion, worship, then return together for a short time of closing prayer and worship.

Refreshments available throughout.

Hourly Schedule

Energise service

1830 - 1840
Pick up a tea or coffee, and biscuit, and say hi to everyone
1840 - 1900
Warm up with a collection of modern hymns
1900 - 1930
The energise options
Reflect with mindfulness, Dive into the detail with study, Create with craft, Reenact with drama
1930 - 1945
Closing reflection and direction